Просто стихотворение

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Просто стихотворение

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The wise man said
"The man is but a sand and clay.
And when the time of death would come
He turns into the mud."
Thus he was saying
Mashing a clod of ground
In his palm.
Another man gave us the others words
"The man is a rainbow light.
The bunch of color rays.
And when the time of death would come
He turns into the rainbow."
Thus he was saying
And having said this phrase
He vanished in the sky for ever. :)


The mountains in the Sky
Amid the shimmering stars.
And calm and silence. Moon.
What a celestial feeling
That pierces my heart!
This sense likewise a love
But it is bigger then love.
Only night and stars
And those heavenly mountains.
Who put them amid the clouds?


The man from the rain drops and fog
Where does he go?
He goes and shivering through
This cold night.
And vague silhouettes of trees
And distant fields I can see
Through his figure.
Who did create him?
Who framed his dim image?
Is he real or dream, this weeping ghost?
Maybe only a thought of this rustling rain...
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