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Наши сочинения на английском языке

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Всем привет!

Навеял этот раздел на меня воспоминания. Нашла еще одно свое сочинение. У него 2 части. Нужно было написать свою концовку к рассказу Бредбери DEATH AND THE MAIDEN, но меня тогда разнесло и получилось 2 части. Ошибки, конечно, лексические присутствуют, править не хочется, если честно, но текст и без этого веселый.

Let's read...
1 part
Many people develop their skills. They take courses, take private lessons, pass exams etc. And Death is not worse than others. I want to develop my killing skills I want to kill people faster like old school assassins. And I go to master of killing Aid, demiurge of death.
I go to his underworld looking for him but can’t find him; he is really good in hiding skills. I’ve met many pointers with sights like: “You want to find me? Just give me your soul” - *I have no soul*; next show ”You must do over yourself with thus and cover with feathers? Make me laugh” - *Not for me I’m Death not a clown*; then next “Play the cards with me? If you win I’ll give you what you want” - *It’s for me*.
- Aid, Aid, I have cards I want to play with you.
- Haa, I agree but we will use my cards.
- No, I doubt you cards without marks.
- You think I believe you cards.
- But I want to play with you. How can we do this?
- Bhuuuu…. - Aid appears suddenly. He looks like djinn from Arabian nights.
- Aid, djinn style is old-fashion.
- I’m a conservative. Then you want to play with me. You know, go with me. – And he comes through left wall. I follow him but I bang with wall.
- Aid do you charm your wall?
- Mmmm… - His head appear in the wall. – Oh, sorry, I forgot, many business, wars last time come very often I must check all deaths. My secretary can’t do this perfect he always do mistake with numerals. He was artist in life and for his evils he must do boring work for him but he completely incapable.
- Change him.
- I can’t, I have a dial with Azrail that I stand this guy for 5000 years, just 2350 pass.
- …
- You look tired, Death. What’s happen?
- Many works like you.
- Work must do happy.
- Speak for yourself.
- We’ve come.
We stand in front of glass wall.
- Do you like it?
- What is it?
- Wall of world.
- ?...
- Use your imagination. See this. – He point on one small picture, it looks like village house. – If I do that. – He snaps with his fingers. – See, see.
- Picture of house disappears.
- Forget about picture. Come with me.
I see big black hole with smoking forest.
- I catch forest. I’m losing my skills. Paper work kills me sometime. Come back. Then I suggest you deal. If you help me to collect all souls on this, this and that places I’ll help you with your problem.
- But we are getting to play the cards…
- I’m pressed for time for enjoyments. Do you help me?
- Ok.
He takes my hand and shakes it. Then I see I’ve got marks on it. Just three marks of “X”.
- When you finish first part one of them it will disappear. It’s done of that, off you go. And Death calls me “master”, do pleasure for me – he does a little movements of his left hand and I can’t argue with him.
- Yes, master.
I’ve done first village very quickly just 53 years. I’m trying to kill softly nobody can’t notice smth strange, nobody move.
I’ve had some troubles in second town. When I’ve killed half of citizens one young lady notice me and she gives alarm. I was trying to catch her but can’t. She escapes and town is moving to random sides. I use help my little brother Nergal. He helps me catch and kills all except young lady. She disappears.
I hold over her soul I feel she have pure soul and brilliant intuition.
The third village was very small. Aid was laughing at me. I kill all very quickly.
But girl she gets me troubles. I’ve been looking for her 75 years. When I find her I can’t come to her close. She charmed her house, she close all doors, windows, she get close (заткнула) all cracks, keyholes, she turned off electricity, gas. She stops all movements in her house, I can’t notice her when I come close to her house I just see house inside and can’t come into, can’t feel her. Just when she cried for me I feel shadow of her soul.
I get the traps and I get waiting when she’ll make mistake.
Luckily for me I’m waiting just 7 years. One morning in August 7 when she is 91 years old one young man visite her. He is not an ordinary human he is… Ahhh… an angel… Oh… I’m a lucky guy.
They are talking about smth into house. Sometime later they come out and go to the train. I don’t go close for them she can’t feel me.
They enjoy themselves. I feel disgust. Fuuu… I so bored. I don’t keep patience and go close. She feels me and action begin. They move to pure like into forest. Young angel think he can fear me with this. All good guardians ended in Paradise, poor guys.
I threw poison red water to angel and he die very quickly. He screamed smth ah… Nothing interesting.
But after I try to kill Clarinda and Arh… I forgot my scythe. It can be its impossible. I try to find my blood knife and found I’ve lost it may be somebody used it and I can find knife.
I can many things without my weapons. I prepare to kill Clarinda but … bad luck! Aid remembers me. When I heard his voice I understand it end. He won’t do finish my work to him. And I’m right. He finished it. He destroy whole village. Why? Who knows… He is master.

2 part
Train is rushing fast toward the town. We see beautiful green spruces and little maples at the edge of forest, we met tiny birches rarely they like a small ladies among other trees. We get off from train and go to forest. We are running through meadows of flowers. They have all rainbow colors – blue, red, orange, purple ahhh… it’s so exciting.
After this we go to village. We visit a village café and drink tea with so sweet cakes, I forgot when I did this. We are whispering and laughing that I feel hot and we come out.
We walk through narrow old side streets with old rickety houses. We climb up to one house and do soap bubbles. We are looking that a small ginger kitten is playing with bubbles.
And Willy (young man’s name) tell me who is he. He is my Guardian-angel he went to take me to one beautiful place. Where I’ll be able live eternally. I’ll never die I have no fears to die.
- Come, come hurry, Willy. I want to go to this place I feel Death go for us. She is looking for us.
- She can’t do anything. I with you I’ll protect you. I’ll take her ham of dress I’ll throw her to the Sun.
- You so young you didn’t know how sly she is.
- Don’t worry (be happy). Let’s go I show you something before we come out on another world.
Then we climb down and run toward the forest. We are going long time I feel tired.
- Willy, I tired.
- Sorry, it does soon be patience.
Sometime later we’ve gone to a round glade. On the top the glade is covered by crowns of tree like an arbor. A Small lake is in the center. I sit near it and look at. I see my reflection I smile to me in the lake. I’m beautiful!
Suddenly I notice dark among crowns. I look up and see a black fog is increasing. It comes bigger and bigger. I feel my legs and hands turn to cold. I can’t move. I heard Willy’s scream.
- It can be. I’ll kill you Death, you can’t take her soul. You victimize her long years. You can’t… Aaaa
- Willyyyy… Willyy
- Sorry, Clarinda, I can’t….khhh…prote…ct…you…
- Willy, no… Wake up, wake up, we can go, we can run away from her.
- You can do nothing. Ha-ha-ha…
Death’s up her right hand.
- I’ll kill you and I’ll take you soul.
Than after Death sudden stop.
- Ohhhh… What’s!... I forgot my scythe. It’s can’t be. May be I take my knife…
She is grubbing among her dress.
- Mmmm!! I lost it! No matter. I kill you by my hands… Hmmm… Where are you? Where are sweaty - Death voice sounds like Willy’s - I kill her, Death is die.
- No, I’ll not come out, Death.
- Ok, I’ll take his soul instead yours.
- No, you can’t.
- I’m Death and I can.
- Nooooo….
- What’s happen here. - Voice like thunder told - Death is that you?
- Yeah, Aid, me.
- What are you doing on out of earth? You brought last soul for me like we deal?
- Just now I set about it.
- You promise me it in last century? Do you remember? I was very busy and forgot but now bring me that soul.
- Yeah, yeah… You can only give orders instead do something by yourself.
- What?
- No, no. All is ok!
- You suppose I can do nothing, I prove you because you can’t do that last part.
All glade turn in dark thick fog take all glade, all forest all village. All people stand in fear. And sudden it’s gone. Village, forest all have gone. Just big hole stay instead.
- Mmmm… I think I do something wrong…- told Aid - Ahh… Who cares… Death!
- Yes, master.
- Go away. And sew up your pockets you lost your weapons again.
*Yeah, yeah* Think Death following harry for Aid * He can’t kill only one or two person. He does sloven work .*
Чем больше учу иностранный язык, тем больше начинаю ценить родной русский!
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Пошуршала заданиями и нашла вот еще что. Задание было, написать статью в газету на события рассказа Бредбери A SCENT OF SARSAPARILLA .

Let's read...


“William Finch spent three morning and afternoons in the attic” – said his wife Cora Finch. “His behavior was strange after he had come back from the attic. He told me about eternal summer, about Time travelling. Yesterday he came back with strange clothing. He wore a red stripped coat, white short and ice-cream trousers. All of these clothes were new but old fashion. I can’t understand him, I think he is crazy” – cried Mrs. Cora.
Police searched all house, interrogated all who knew Mr. Finch. But they didn’t find him. He had disappeared.
To sum it up I can’t say something definite. His wife told me about how it was how Mr. Finch disappeared.
“He came down with ladder.” –she said. “He came out through window. Attic window. I saw apple trees were in blossom in window, I heard firecrackers going off. Please, say me, I’m going crazy?” – cried Mrs. Cora.
Mrs. Cora is in psychiatric center now. We can’t hear news from her.
But I looked their house. It seemed to me very boiling dark walls, old dishes, old furniture and this smell, smell of old ages… I understand Mr. Finch. All house is doing me feel sad. Moreover, I felt tiredness and boredom. I climbed up in the attic but I never found anything interesting only many old things. I opened window but in outside was cold November. I closed it. When I going to came down I saw used firecracker near window just charred piece. I smiled and laughed. “He was right. He did it. He came out.”
Чем больше учу иностранный язык, тем больше начинаю ценить родной русский!